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The Ioniq 6 Represent Hyundai's Future on so many levels.



I like to say there are two types of car manufacturers when it comes to the design of a new model. Some play it safe, and they offer something that is not so different than the rest of their lineup. Others, like Hyundai, make a bold move by reinventing the wheel each and every time. 


The Ioniq 6 is by far the most audacious and creative vehicle presented by the manufacturer. I mean, Hyundai showed us a plethora of unique concepts over the years, but what's set the Ioniq 6 apart from the rest of the pack is the fact it's going into production.


A Future Signature Designs


If you look at every vehicle composing Hyundai's lineup, you will find out not many of them look a like. Of course, you might find some similar design aspects, but that's pretty it.


When Hyundai introduced the Ioniq 5 on the market, the Korean manufacturer showed us how far it could go. The Ioniq 5 has very aggressive geometrical shapes in its design. It is a modern interpretation of 1980s design, and to be quite honest, I love it. So, we thought the Korean manufacturer would follow the same path for every other model of the Ioniq family. Little did we know back then, Hyundai launched the Ioniq 6, and it was completely different from the Ioniq 5.


So, when I say the Ioniq 6 represents the future of the brand, I don't mean that every Ioniq model will look like it. What I mean is that we can expect every Ioniq model to be uniquely extreme on its own.


An impression of déjà vu?


When I glanced at the Ioniq 6 for the very first time, I thought I saw a brand-new Mercedes-Benz. The German manufacturer offered a similar aggressive window curvature design for several years, and this is an element you can see on some cars of Mercedes-Benz today still. Or course, every other aspect of the Ioniq 6 is different than what you find on the average M-B, but my point is the Ioniq 6 gave me an impression of luxury, prestige, and a deep desire for it on the very first look, which is nothing to be ashamed of.


Now, you shouldn't be so surprised to learn Hyundai received almost 40 000 reservations for the Ioniq 6 in the first 24 hours of its official released.


The Ioniq 6 uses the same 77.4 kWh battery unit as the Ioniq 5. However, thanks to better aerodynamics, it should offer an average autonomy of 610 km on a single charge. These are WLTP European numbers, so the range should be closer to 570 km in Canada, which is still among the best and almost 100 km more than the Ioniq 5


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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